Post Season To-Do List | 10 Tasks for Any Hunter

You’ve spent most of the year waiting for deer season and in what seems like a flash it’s suddenly over.  It’s a tough realization knowing there are now months standing between you and the next time you are in the stand. It’s a long and painful wait for those who live to hunt.  Trust us when we say that we understand.  However, when it comes to living the outdoors lifestyle, the fun never has to end.  This is the time to enjoy last season’s harvest, work on your goals as a hunter, and prepare for the next season. What you do now will reflect on the success you will see in the fall.  We have compiled a post season to-do list of projects that will keep you busy, productive, and excited for next season!


This one should go without saying. The off-season means it’s time to practice.  You should be shooting weekly, if not daily, to hone in on your archery skills.  This is a great time to practice at the range and even out of your hunting stands. If you like competition, be sure to check your local range for 3D and target archery leaguesYou’ll thank yourself for it during the start of next season.

Move Your Stands

There is no better time than now to move and repair old deer stands. Deer patterns have changed, scent is limited (in cold areas), and you don’t have to worry about disturbing next week’s hunting spot.  Take this time to find new trails, bedding areas, and review notes from last year. This is the perfect time to move stands accordingly.

Refine Your Setup 

It’s every hunter’s responsibility to make sure their gear is deadly.  This is the time to research new gear, replace damaged equipment, and re-tune your bow. Everything you do now will reflect your success next season. Therefore, be sure to give your gear some special attention this off-season.

Shed Hunt

What is the next best thing to deer hunting? For some people it’s shed hunting!  It’s your chance to get that rack you missed last season. Not to mention, most of us love an afternoon walk in the woods. You can also learn a lot about the property, how deer travel in it, and where you should be hunting next year!

Work on Your Property

A hunter’s work is never done.  There are always habitat improvement projects, food plots to tend, and shooting lane maintenance to take care of.  This is the time to evaluate your property and plan accordingly. By coming up with a habitat to-do list, you won’t let any outdoor projects get by you this year.

Grill Your Game

You’ve just spent the season harvesting the most healthy, organic meat on the planet.  Now it’s time to enjoy it. Invite some friends over, have a few beverages, and dig out that Traeger Grill.  Now is the time enjoy last season’s harvest all over again.

Predator Hunting and Trapping

Predator hunting and trapping is a great way to touch up on your skills.  Coyote hunting, in particular, seems to be the most popular winter project for hunters. 

In fact, coyote hunting is so popular that some areas of the country even host tournaments. What better way to practice your rifle skills than by participating in a friendly coyote competition?

Trail Cameras

One of the best parts of off-season is gathering new deer photos, watching antlers grow, and starting to pattern your deer.  Over the next few months, spend time organizing and analyzing these photos.  Having organized trail camera data is the perfect way to plan out next season’s hunt.


Perhaps the most important part of the off-season is simply scouting.  Put in the time to find new hunting areas, monitor signs, take notes, and plan for next season.  By taking part in these activities this off-season, you can be saving yourself a lot of stress and trouble come season opener.

Re-watch all of Season 1 of Bearded Buck

Of course, you’ve already watched the entirety of Season 1 of Bearded Buck, right?  So naturally, you will want to watch it again.

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As we mentioned, the work of a hunter is never done.  From improving the land to preparing your gear, there is never a moment where you can’t be working towards next season’s goals. As hunters, our job isn’t just sitting in the stand and waiting for that monster buck to come. It is taking care of the land and being conservationists.  That’s why what you do during the off-season can be just as important as what you do during the season.