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About The Bearded Buck Hosts. 



Jerry Tibbott

Meet J-Rod, the owner and founder of The Bearded Buck, and the Original Bearded Buck himself! Hailing from west Central PA, Jerry boasts extensive hunting and outdoor experience. Beyond the game harvests, Jerry's true passion lies in guiding others on their journey to becoming adept outdoorsmen and responsible land stewards. Managing farms for top-notch whitetail and turkey hunting is his daily drive, emphasizing passing down these principles to the next generation. Jerry treasures family values, with hunting adventures alongside his son holding a special place in his heart. His life revolves around family, friends, and all things outdoors—from hunting and game management to food plotting and shed hunting. Founding The Bearded Buck is Jerry's endeavor to share these passions, aiming to transform it into a thriving outdoor production company, measured not just by awards or wealth but by the enduring memories and friendships it creates.


Austin Tibbott

As a co-owner of The Bearded Buck, Austin was immersed in the world of hunting from a young age under the guidance of his father. Since harvesting his first deer at the ripe age of 7, hunting has evolved into his paramount passion. The Bearded Buck has proven to be an enriching journey, connecting him with diverse individuals and embarking on countless adventures. Austin derives immense satisfaction from sharing his knowledge and actively advocating for hunting and conservation. Grateful for his involvement in this inspiring and fulfilling endeavor, Austin eagerly anticipates continuing this journey, poised with anticipation for the future chapters that await The Bearded Buck.

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