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7 Ways to Maximize Your Hit List Buck’s Potential

Deer Management | Short– and Long-term Strategies to Maximize a Buck’s Potential As deer hunters, it can be difficult at times to think beyond what this falls hunt has in store. But deer hunters who are serious about deer management realize it takes both short- and long-term strategies to maximize the antler and body size of the […]

Afternoon Turkey Hunting Strategies for Late Day Gobblers

Turkey Hunting Strategies for Chasing Afternoon Gobblers The pursuit of gobblers traditionally has occurred from sun up to noon. The notion of hunting after lunch is a foreign concept in most spring turkey hunting circles. In fact, some states even have (or had) restrictions against turkey hunting in the afternoon. Turkey hunting strategies generally also […]

4 Things Spring and Summer Trail Camera Tactics Can Reveal

Spring and Summer Trail Camera Tactics Every hunter can relate to the excitement of pulling a trail camera to find out if they have a big, mature buck in the area. But have you ever stopped to think about what other information you can gain from trail cameras, particularly during the spring and summer months? Not only […]

Spring & Summer Deer Management | 3 Deer Research Discoveries You Should Know

3 Deer Research Discoveries to Apply to Your Deer Management Even though Mother Nature may have other plans so far this spring, warmer weather is right around the corner. And the onset of spring means new life. Trees and flowers are blooming, morel mushrooms are growing, and turkeys are gobbling. But outside of shed hunting, deer hunters may not think there’s much […]

5 Essential Tips to Help You Bag a Bird This Spring

Essential Turkey Hunting Tips The knowledge of how to successfully harvest a turkey often comes down to accumulating it over several season’s worth of blundered hunts and failures. Fortunately, hunters have this knowledge available right at their fingertips. With a quick google search, a hunter can learn this information in just a few short minutes. To prove this point, this article will cover several critical turkey hunting tips every hunter should know before […]

Turkey Scouting Tips to Know Before the Season Starts

Turkey Scouting Tips and Tricks If there’s one thing a hunter can do beforehand that dictates how a hunt might play out, it’s the amount of time they put into scouting. Whether it’s deer, turkeys, ducks, or elk, scouting is paramount to achieving success on a regular and repetitive basis. The key words there being regular and repetitive. Some hunters will get […]

Shed Hunting | 5 Tips to Find More Sheds

5 Shed Hunting Tips to Find More Sheds It’s that time of the year again when the temperatures are heating up, snow is melting, and most hunters are suffering from a little bit of cabin fever. Shed hunting is a perfect way to get outdoors and learn about the critters we all love to chase. […]

Winter Supplemental Feeding Tips for Deer

Tips for Feeding Deer in the Winter In the northeastern part of the United States, winter is the toughest time of the year nutritionally for native vegetation for white-tailed deer. In comparison, for our fellow hunters in the southern U.S., the summer months typically produce extensive periods of less than adequate native forage in quality […]

Strategizing and Planning for Spring Food Plots

Food Plots | Planning & Planting Spring Food Plots Food plots are imperative to any deer management program. It is not only important to the carrying capacity of the habitat in the calculation to deer density and health of the herd, but it is also important in bucks reaching their full genetic potential. There are […]

10 Tasks for Every Hunter’s Post Season To-Do List

Post Season To-Do List | 10 Tasks for Any Hunter You’ve spent most of the year waiting for deer season and in what seems like a flash it’s suddenly over.  It’s a tough realization knowing there are now months standing between you and the next time you are in the stand. It’s a long and painful wait for those who live to hunt.  Trust us when we […]