The QDMA is proud to be partnering with the beardedbuck crew. This is your chance to learn how to become a hunter. If you want the ultimate in free-range, antibiotic/ additive-free meat then sometimes you just have to do it yourself. This workshop will teach first time hunters, deer hunting basics to help you live more sustainably. Eat wild. Eat natural. Instruction will include: hunting as it relates to conservation, understanding deer, making ethical shots, hunting essentials, field game care, meat processing preservation, and cooking venison.

For first time hunters only, adults 18 & up. Crossbows will be provided for workshop and during hunts. Experienced mentors will be available to guide course participants in their first hunts.


  • August 25
    Hands-on in the Classroom
  • August 26
    Hands-on in the Field
  • October 18-21
    Mentored Deer Hunt Opportunity