Intense Buck Fight Video Filmed in Pennsylvania

Every hunter wonders how realistic their rattling sounds in late October and November. Are you too loud, not loud enough, or just not intense enough? How intense is a buck fight in late October versus November, should you just tickle the antlers or put enough pressure to bloody your knuckles? A place in between the two might be appropriate, but as this buck fight footage will reveal, when bucks fight, it is intense… 

Jerry Tibbott happened to have a camera in hand while sitting over a clover food plot in late October. As multiple similar aged bucks make their way into the clover plot Jerry noticed that behavior shifted from inquisitive to aggressive. The bucks started to exhibit signs of an impending fight, stiff legged walking, standing hair, and ears laid back. At this point, the bucks are sizing each other up trying to develop a hierarchy without risking injury during a fight. Unfortunately, the bucks were too similar in age and size. What ensues is an intense fight that lasts more than 4 minutes. As you watch the footage below, compare your rattling to the audio of the footage.

Buck Fight Footage = Rattling Tips for the Pre-Rut

As you can tell, bucks do far more than just “tickle” their antlers in late October, if bucks are evenly matched they will fight, and that fight will be intense. How do you match the audio when rattling for deer? As you can tell, there is not a lot of hard banging like most hunters start out. At most, there might be one hard clash, while the rest of the fight is pressured shifting between tines. Did you pay attention to the other audio other than the antlers jarring? An actual buck fight spans a pretty big area, in this video alone the bucks shift from the middle of the plot to the edge and back again. If a fight like this is taking place in a food plot, the actual rattling should be the audio you present, however, if this fight is in a woodlot full of hardwoods in November with crisp leaves you have a lot of racket to make in order to achieve realistic audio. Fighting bucks shift around, bump into small trees, and break sticks on the ground. Essentially you need to make a lot of racket on the ground in order to rattle deer in.  

Hopefully this buck fight footage gets you excited for the season, and hopefully, you walk away from it with some hunting tips for the pre-rut. At least you know what your rattling should sound like…two bucks trying to tear each other limb from limb!