This is a special one where the Bearded Buck crew got a chance to help a fellow hunter reach a special goal. Dan Thurston is looking for 6 at 60. The goal is to get 6 deer with his bow in 6 states at 60 years old. Jerry takes his chance to spend some time with a fellow hunter. The overall goal is to work the feedplot and try to get a shooter to head by the ground blind. After deer move through the field for a while, they finally glimpse “Scrape Dancer”. As a thank you, Dan invites Jerry for turkey season in Kansas. The struggle starts and continues when Jerry takes a few shots at some birds. It seems he brought a curse to the midwest when he finds plenty of birds but struggles to punch a tag for a few days. Then, after a tough run in Kansas, Dan comes out to PA to have his own crack at some toms. He called for Jerry in Kansas and it was Jerry’s turn to give Dan a few shots. Looks like the curse is lifted for the season in PA.